What Is Insurance and Why You Need It

Having insurance is something we need but hope we never will. For doctor checkups or any types of emergencies you want to make sure you have insurance. It is basically something that covers us in the event of the unexpected. Insurance is beneficial because it allows you to get medical treatment, it covers you in the event of an accident, and keeps your licenses active where required.

Medical Treatment

I’ve noticed the difference first hand. Visiting a doctor for a self-pay and visiting with insurance. There is a huge difference. If you present an insurance that a doctor accepts and it’s a reputable company, it’s a wonderful feeling. You would only agree if you could imagine coming out of the pocket for more than $100 for a single visit. Healthcare is expensive. Insurance also allows the doctor to examine you are recommend certain treatment. Even if your health situation is serious, a doctor is only going to suggest the treatments that they are covered under. They are running a business and they need to make sure they are providing a service that they will get paid for. Surgeries are not cheap. If you need medical insurance, make sure you do your homework on what is covered and what is not. Sometimes cosmetic treatments are not covered.


When we’re driving around, we don’t really think about our insurance until either it’s time to pay the bill, or we get into an accident. If no one is hurt, we instantly think about our amount of coverage and how much we’ll have to pay to fix the damage. What if it wasn’t your fault? Now you want to know if the other person is insured, because you waived your uninsured motorist coverage. Insurance puts all these worries to bed. With insurance, it’s a matter of a phone call and maybe a photograph and report. The process begins and ends quickly in most cases. If you’re lucky, your car is fixed in 30 days and you are right back to normal.

Keeps Your License Active

Sometimes for your business or even personal license, you are required to carry a certain amount of insurance. Your insurance will keep you on the road and in business legally. You would hate for an incident to occur on the job and your insurance has lapsed. You will most likely have to pay out of pocket to remedy the situation for your client. Even in the event of a theft. If you do not have business insurance, you will have to pay to replace all those items. When I needed insurance, I looked up insurance providers orlando fl.


Insurance is a pain, whether you pay it out monthly, annually, or every 6 months. It’s not the least expensive bill to have at times, but it’s always good to be covered. Insurance is here to save us from all types of headaches if something happens. Even if we are lucky in life and these things just don’t happen to us, you hate for the day it does happen and you don’t have the necessary coverage. Insurance is here to help you get medical treatment, cover you in an accident, and keep your license active.

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