Offline vs. Online Two Wheeler Insurance: Which is Better Option?

Two wheeler insurance is as important as any other general insurance, not complying to which might result in emotional, physical and above all, financial problems. One can apply for insurance by both means: online or offline, which is up to the consumer. Both have their own perks and consequences, which are stated below:

Offline Two Wheeler Insurance


  • Face to face contact: The topmost benefit offline mode has is that you can have a two-way interaction physically. You can talk to the person face to face directly, whichmanypeople, even within the modern mindset of digitalization, believe is a must before entering into any kind of agreement. It sometimes is important to have a human interaction as it provides the confidence and conviction necessary to trust a company.
  • Documentation: You can have a clear idea of the documents that need to be verified, and be assured of systematic paperwork with the help of an insurer, especially with a certified agent to help you with the process.
  • Doorstep service: You can get a doorstep service from your insurance company in order to ease the process.
  • Doubts: You can achieve a clarification of the doubts regarding any step in the process by asking the insurer or the agent assigned to you by the company at any point of time.
  • Claim assistance: Having a human presence to guide you at the time of filing a claim offers that extra amount of confidence and certainty that is often missing from digital interactions.


  • Time Consuming: Basically, enquiring for offline insurance requires a lot of time and efforts for setting up meetings and arranging application filing dates among myriad other things.
  • Tedious task: Prolongation comes into picture at the time of filing a claim; it is generally a time consuming and tedious process, leaving you frustrated at numerous intervals. Also, people avoid filing claims due to such tiresome process.

Online Two Wheeler Insurance


  • Convenience: This could be considered the most convenient option for buying insurance as it involves doing the whole process by just relaxing on your couch and tapping your laptop mouse-pad or your phone.
  • Paperwork: It generally involves fewer documents which you need to upload for availing the two wheeler insurance policy of your choice.
  • Promotional gifts: Generally, companies run some kind of seasonal promotional offers in order to provide discounts to the users. They generally put up their offers on their website or social media handles.
  • Comparison: It becomes easy to compare the various policies being provided by the different companies online. Also, there are websites helping you to do the same task.


  • No direct communication: The lack of direct communication can be both a disadvantage as well as an advantage. On one hand, you do not have the assistance of a human agent while on the other hand, you do not have to deal with the moods, whims and fancies of human personnel. This allows you to take complete control over the process yourself.
  • Terminologies: There are chances that the terms used on the website of the company may not be well understood by everyone. Terms, like, deductibles, IDV, etc. may not be familiar to the fresh customers wanting to buy insurance.
  • Tech Knowledge: Online insurance does not seems a good fit for everyone as not numerous individuals today are not aware about the intricacies of applying online.

So, now that you are well informed regarding the perks and consequences of both online and offline two wheeler insurance, you can make a wise choice among the both.

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